Causes multiple sclerosis Prednisone

The accuracy of today do not know what triggers the development of multiple sclerosis. That less, certain assumptions and on this account there due to some comparisons of information prednisone-news.com. For example, it is known that the disease is inherited is not transmitted, although to some extent it increases the risk of possible development in the presence of relatives with this diagnosis.

Also, by some experts put forward the assumption, based on the fact that the development of multiple sclerosis promotes viral infection. Meanwhile, a specific virus responsible for the development of this disease is not yet clear.

Another reason lies in the connection with vitamin D. It is known to be produced by active exposure to UV rays, and it is possible that is protected by multiple sclerosis. In particular, this assumption is based on the already mentioned morbidity data, because, in fact, there is reason to explain why people in countries with tropical climates rarely become ill with multiple sclerosis.

Again, the cause is an autoimmune reaction, which we discussed above. Meanwhile, the causes that provoke the attack by the immune system against its own tissues and myelin in particular, are still unknown.

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis defined for convenience partitioned symptoms of primary, secondary and tertiary symptoms and signs. Consider what is the essence of such a classification.

Primary symptoms. This type of symptoms are a direct result of demyelination, which is disturbed by conduction along nerve fibers electrical impulses. In the normal state of the pulse transmission occurs, as we have said, from the brain to the internal organs and muscles, thereby ensuring fulfillment of their respective functions. As for the symptoms related to this group, this tremor, muscle weakness, disorders associated with vision and balance, tingling, paralysis of various types, disorders related to bowel and bladder functions. These symptoms require control over them using a specific type of medications, as well as the implementation of the rehabilitation measures of the scale and appropriate treatment in other embodiments of its realization.

Secondary symptoms. These symptoms, in turn, are the consequence of the symptoms of the previous group, i.e. primary symptoms. For example, on a background of paralysis on the primary symptoms may develop pressure ulcers (diaper rash), while the disorders associated with bladder functions are the cause of frequent and recurrent infections in a given environment. Secondary symptoms are also can be cured, but ideally it is important to prevent them, choosing appropriate methods in their primary manifestations.

Tertiary symptoms. These are already problems of professional and psychosocial dimensions. In particular, they explained the relevance of the previously listed symptoms of primary and secondary symptoms. For example, a fairly common result of their exposure is the development of depression in multiple sclerosis.

Some patients are interested in, causing manifest symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and therefore we consider this issue. First of all, we note that demyelination, in which we have considered, the destruction is exposed protective skin covering the nerve fibers, can develop in any of the parts of the brain (spinal or brain).

For this reason, once again, the previously marked difference in the manifestation of symptoms and characteristics of the disease, it will be on the specific location of the lesion. For example, demyelination of nerves, which is provided by the signal transmission to the muscles can lead to violations related to motor functions (this corresponds to motor symptoms). In demyelination of nerve fibers, which is provided by the transfer sensory information to the brain to occur, respectively, disorders associated with sensitivity.