Depression with Elavil

Depression is an acute or chronic mental disorder, which is characterized by "depressive triad" buy elavil online, elements of which are:Anhedonia (not the ability to enjoy even the most "pleasant" activities - food, sex, listening to your favorite songs). Changing thinking (there is subjectivity to all and the emphasis in the negative perception). The paucity of movement.

Unfortunately, the modern pace of society and the difficulty of overcoming everyday problems, often knock people off balance. Therefore, depression is almost the most common disease among the population aged 20-40 years. At the same time, with age, the number of cases increased by several times (after the age of 65, one in three elderly people are extremely dissatisfied with their lives, with most of those affected - are women). And, be sure to understand what depression is - this is a disease and should not be confused just lingering bad mood with depression, since the latter, without intervention, is very rarely cured care.

Among youth depression has an economic value as depressed mood, young people are not legally competent, to the lack of prospects and desires, which undoubtedly causes any significant damage to the state's economy.

About Depression intensively began to speak only in the past 20-30 years, which led to classify the disease among the diseases of the 21st century, which is a consequence of the problems of modern society. Interestingly, but at the same time, the symptoms of depression were already known in the ancient world. Even then, many people, including emperors and noble, tormented by despair and uncontrolled negative mood. For example, Emperor Nero, was so shocked by the death of his beloved wife (which, by the way, killed himself), that slave castrated and became a no to cohabit, as the slave, according to Nero, was very similar to his late wife. Depression here, of course, played a major role, but the agony and lamentation that had Nero, were uniquely associated with depression

Signs are in addition to the symptoms, as more clearly characterize the human behavior during the depression. But if the adult men and women, the symptoms and signs - the concept is almost identical, the young mothers and children can be significantly supplemented picture.

Here are the signs that make it clear that the young mother is at the limit of their mental capacities:

Excessive sensitivity and crying, it seems that the mother was crying non-stop. Not calm and tears of a child, in spite of the maternal instinct, can cause real anger at mom, and generates rude and even hatred of the baby. And a relatively long time may seem like a strange child, and certainly not a piece of mom

Mom begins to seem that everyone wants to teach her life, forgetting that she herself knows something. Appears fear to commit the slightest mistake, then that next to this fear erupted fear of criticism, which is sure to be followed after the failure, the perfect mom.

Sexual relations go to "no", because along with the baby and becomes disgusted with his father - in part because it is as it may seem, it is absolutely not involved in the upbringing and development of the baby. At the same time, there may be a loss of libido and, even despite the fact that her husband is still at least some bright emotions.

After pregnancy often changes shape, and if mom was a slim model, even a few extra kilograms, or slightly sagging breasts make a woman very demanding in relation to itself, up to contempt of itself.

As you can see, this woman's condition is extremely dangerous for the future well-being of the family as a child from the first months may gain some psychological disorder, and not every man can understand and relate to the care of his wife, which could end in divorce.

Therefore, the main drug in this situation, will be the favorite man, which should dispel any fears and dissatisfaction with his beloved wife. Useful, it will also take a woman sedatives (valerian extract, Novo Pasito) and, most importantly, to cheer up the most, because of her life began a new and a very happy period, and all the difficulties that have accumulated over time, disappear.

If the parents managed to cope with joint depression, you should not forget that their child is also subject to mood swings that can carry a pathological character.

The child, depression and its causes are somewhat different from adults, and it often happens that in childhood seems catastrophic that an adult is considered to be a small trifle.