Eye allergies can appear completely from any stimuli. For example, it may be dust, cosmetics and other conditions. Actually, that is an allergy? An allergy is a response of a negative response to a particular stimulus. To get rid of this unpleasant disease, it is necessary initially to learn the reason for that, and there was this disease health and medical. Also it is necessary to consult with your doctor, as this disease can severely affect the health of the eye, and damage the eyesight.

The causes of this disease may be different. The fact that our eyes can react besides light stimuli, and also to external stimuli. It is necessary to look for the cause of allergies, as this factor can significantly affect the treatment process itself.

The human eye is covered with a mucous membrane, which can actively take many stimuli. They can even hover in the air and it is important to remember that the eye itself can react even to light stimuli.

Many women complain that after staining the eyes have swollen eyelids and inflamed blood vessels on the whites of the eyeball. This is due to the fact that at the moment there are so many different companies that produce cosmetics, but not all of these companies may use high quality materials and components, for example, for the carcass, shadows or podvodok eye.

Girls probably agree that the use of such decorative cosmetics and in contact with it in the eye, can cause pain and a burning sensation in the place where cosmetics hit.

This may be the first warning sign that should not use this type of makeup, as this may lead to irreparable consequences. Especially since no one is safe from the fact that the staining of the eye cosmetics osypletsya not the wind or with gentle rubbing his eyes.

It is necessary to choose such cosmetics to have a high-quality and natural ingredients, which are not able to irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Also, a lot of people complaining about the fact that for a certain type of food they may have pain and swelling of the eye lids. In such cases, it is necessary to determine what kind of product and eliminate it from your diet. This is how you can protect yourself from the appearance of the disease and no longer exposed to it.

There are cases that the delicate eyelid skin and mucous membrane of the eyeball may hurt hygiene. This may be a soap or other products for face care.

Again, hygiene products may carry the potential danger that can cause redness or allergy eyes.

In this case, you need to follow their feelings that you feel when washing. If you've found a stimulus or vehicle, you should get rid of it in order to ensure that allergy will not appear again.

In that case, if you have pets, you are constantly with him, it can also cause an allergic reaction, but only if there is a predisposition to such diseases. Animal dander can cause eye allergy, because they are unknown to our body.

It is not necessary to keep such an animal at home, as this can cause allergy develop into the chronic form. But if you realize that you can not bear to part with his smaller friend, you should take antiallergennnye pills or drugs. All of the above reasons can cause allergies in the eyes and under-eye allergies.