Fear and anxiety Use Alprazolam

The mere recollection of his experiences panic attacks is worrying a man who faced him. This is not surprising: after all, panic attacks similar to the "death in miniature". People who have experienced this, note the "if mind and body are separated," often in this situation, some of the channels of human perception of information and communication with the outside world are closed, and he is left alone with his pain buy alprazolam. With all the desire to help others - is suffering from a panic attack a person simply does not hear them, often it does not even respond to the treatment.

The feeling of fear or anxiety is familiar to any of us. In a sudden fright heartbeat and breathing become more frequent, there is a feeling of dryness in the mouth - so the body preparing to instantly react to danger, and to protect themselves - if necessary. In a state of anxiety sweating occurs, sometimes pale, nervous tremors. These processes, regardless of consciousness of the person, controls the autonomic nervous system. Thus, the human body for many centuries helps its owner to avoid a real danger or to operate as efficiently as possible in any stressful situation.

It is clear that anxiety and fear accompanied by our life in its entirety, and even help us - in the case when they are justified. But there are such states when the alarm turns from an ally into an enemy, and becomes the leading symptom, which, by contrast, prevents a person to operate successfully in the world. Such cases experts define as anxiety disorders, which include panic attacks and concern.

The main symptoms and signs of a panic attack

These include: dizziness, pallor, numbness, sweating, increased blood pressure, difficulty breathing, rapid pulse, nausea, upset perception, chills, pain in the left side of the chest.

From the usual feelings of anxiety, this condition is obviously different and the degree of severity, and most importantly - the lack of obvious reasons for its occurrence.

These attacks can occur in any situation, but most often occur in various public places, transport, as well as in confined spaces. Nevertheless, the apparent reason for panic - or human life and his family's health at the moment is not in danger.

In general, the causes of panic attacks are still fully specialists are not defined. As a rule, it is considered the main cause of long-term human stay in stressful conditions, sometimes assume that this syndrome may occur as a result of a single experience severe stress. However, this explanation does not answer, why is not every man caught by chance in traumatic circumstances, faced with a panic attack.

Once the root of the problem lies in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, it is obvious and the cause of the panic syndrome need to look at its features. For example, such a thing as temperament describes the properties of the human nervous system (strong or weak, stable or unstable).

Obviously, sanguine, having a strong and stable nervous system, where there may be less panic symptoms than melancholic, unstable and weak holder nervous system.

The properties of the nervous system may be partly inherited (and therefore the risk of getting a panic syndrome is much higher for those people who already have such cases among family members). In addition, the nervous system can have a significant impact hormonal state. Most panic attacks occur against the background of other somatic disorders (of the heart, pancreas and thyroid). Also, alcohol abuse and the state of "hangover" (withdrawal) may be one of the factors of a panic attack.

The factors listed above describe the individual properties of the nervous system and human health. However, there are statistics, according to which the symptoms of panic disorder there are just 5% of the population, with women bouts of panic attacks occur 3 times more often than men. In addition, the average age of patients who face this disease - from 20 to 40 years old. This is not surprising. It is in this age range occur key events that determine the individual's life, and have an extremely high significance for him.