How to cope with insomnia during pregnancy Buy Ambien

Pregnancy - not just the most wonderful, but the most crucial period. That's why insomnia during pregnancy occurs in one out of three expectant mother advice. On rannihsrokah some doctors, gynecologists consider sleep disorders one of the signs of pregnancy.

Most often insomnia occurs in the first trimester. Second Trimester tranquil full sleep. However, in the last months before birth insomnia takes one of the forms of serious complications of pregnancy.

Many physicians believe that insomnia in pregnant women - this is not a disease but a manifestation of the processes taking place in the body of the future mother. To return to normal sleep, you need to find out exactly what process is affected and why, and then neutralize their side effects.

So insomnia in the early stages due to the sharp hormonal changes, increased levels of several hormones, including progesterone. Preparing the body for carrying a pregnancy, they mobilized all its reserves, bringing the body into a state of "readiness." With the passage of time and the development of the baby's cause for sleep disorders is growing.

What is insomnia?

First appearance - starting is characterized by a lack sleep due to sleep disorders process. Pregnant tossing and turning, unable to find a comfortable position and plans upcoming events

The second type of insomnia characterized by sleep disturbance flow. Pregnant often wake in the morning wakes up tired without feeling a night's rest. The third kind - before awakening. Pregnant wakes up in the morning and can not sleep.

Most often insomnia during pregnancy takes first look. It is easy to correct. To do this, just take care of your body, allowing him to get a good rest during the day. This applies particularly to pregnant women in the early stages.

What pregnant for recovery sleep? There are many tips that can help you regain a normal night's sleep. At the same time, we should not forget that the body of every human personality is different, and what works for one, does not help the other. That is why every pregnant woman will have to find a way to return to sleep. The best option, according to many mothers, is a combination of methods of preparing for bed.

Avoid stress. Insomnia during pregnancy is often a reaction to the accumulated fatigue of the day. The body can not relax after a hard day.

Avoid daytime sleep. This measure may be temporary in the recovery period of night sleep.

If sleep is disturbed nightmares, memories which haunt you day, tell them their loved ones. Psychologists believe that the discussion of dreams will help get rid of the fear, couching their fears into a verbal shell, you'll find them to unreality.

Increase physical activity. Take time during the day to perform the simple and accessible exercises (swimming, walking, in the early stages of pregnancy, even dancing are available).

Forbid yourself to use the bed is not for its intended purpose: I do not watch TV, do not read, etc. The body has to know - a bed to sleep..