How to lose weight with the help of dance

How to get rid of excess weight? To do this, there are many ways - fast, pace yourself sports training, to give up delicious food in favor of vegetables and cereals ... But what is self-denial, if it is possible to use no less effective but pleasurable technique? We are talking about xenical after childbirth

Specialists have long proven that well-chosen dance exercises help to lose weight and adjust the shape. For example, if you are addicted flamenco, the dance will give harmony thighs; tango great effect on the waist, and for those who want to improve leg shape, perfect Irish dancing.

Catching eastern choreography, you normalize the metabolism and, of course, discard extra kilos. In addition, regular exercise helps strengthen the muscles of the back, abdominal and shoulder girdle. And yet women are encouraged this kind of dance to improve the reproductive system. Losing weight is 450 kcal per hour.

Flamenco. The main advantage of this dance - he puts in order the muscles of the back and legs, they become slim and toned. An added bonus - improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system, ordered breathing. Losing weight is 650 kcal per hour.

Latin American dances. Movement - rhythmic and rousing rhythms - fast, then do not lose weight! In fact, all muscle groups are strengthened when doing such dances, well pumped the press and aligned posture. It is lost with 900 kcal per hour.

Jazz Modern. This kind of dance emerged recently, it combines the movements of hip-hop, breaks, STEP and al-NBC. Movement - the most energetic, requiring the dancer's stamina and health. Of course, this returns you lose weight at a record pace, because every hour lost 1000 kcal.

Strip of plastic. Engage in a strip-plasty can not everyone, but only enough trained dancers. There need acrobatic skills, the ability to stretch, you need to own techniques of Eastern and Latin American dances. When you exercise, the burden is on the muscles of the back, legs, buttocks and abdomen. In an hour of active training, you lose 1200 calories.

Zumba. This trend is still in the 80s developed a Colombian choreographer who offered to make a passionate Latino rhythms of energetic dance moves.

As it turned out, such dances as well strengthen the cardiovascular system, doctors equate them to serious cardio. Zumba - it's not just dancing for weight loss: they contribute to further and strengthen the muscular system. In addition, the dancing, you will feel a surge of good mood!

If your city has a club or studio corresponding direction, sign up! The company engaged in dancing is much more interesting and more fun than alone. And the coach will help you to master all the subtleties of the wisdom of dance.

Go to the fitness center and see if can develop an individual program for you there. Very often it is necessary to take into account the individual characteristics of the organism.

If resources permit, you can hire a personal trainer. Personal trainer will be able to engage with you both at home and in the gym.