Infection Use Diflucan

An infectious disease that is caused by a fungal infection, is the name of a fungal infection. This term means the set of pathologies that mostly occur at a time when a person's immune system is severely weakened fluconazole 200mg.

The ability of fungi to sporulation gives them a lot of opportunities. Even with different environmental conditions, quite negative, fungi spores are able to stay alive for a long time and waiting for the right moment (weakening of the human body) to activate a parasitic process. Thus, they "cling" and healthy organisms, while being in the inactive phase, which occurs during the activation of immune development.

If you remember the school lessons in Biology, you should know that mushrooms have been allocated a separate kingdom. It is no accident, all because they have a number of features that they borrowed both in plants and in animals.

As plants, they are fixed, but they do not have chlorophyll, and therefore they are not able to carry out photosynthesis. Their way of eating is more akin to animals, but the nervous system and the muscles, they do not possess. The cells have class representatives fungi chitin shell, and plants class - cellulose.

Mushrooms are saprophytes and parasites, where the first does not harm living organisms, in contrast to the latter.

It is interesting to know that every day in the human body gets a lot of fungal spores, but they are "asleep" until a person is strong and healthy.

Fungi are transferred from the food, the environment, dust, when in contact with an infected person or his personal items to a sexual way. Many people are born with fungi and for them it's natural flora with which they live and nothing happens. But they at the moment are carriers of the dispute, which regularly distribute to others.

It is best to follow a few simple rules that will be guaranteed to reduce the risk of contracting fungal infections. hygiene should be every man his own, as well as clothes and shoes. Sharing their use will lead to a "friendly exchange of fungi." Hands collect a lot of infections during travel on public transport, or of being in crowded places, so they need to be washed regularly. Condom use should be a prerequisite for irregular sexual life, especially for women, because yeast chooses this mode of transmission in most cases. By the selection of the barbershop and tattoo parlor should be approached very seriously. Through unsterilized tools that are out there are used, fungus can be transmitted from one client to another.

But as mentioned earlier, mushrooms like people with weakened immune function, so how to strengthen the immune system needs to know everyone. Peretruzhdaetsya can not, you must wisely allocate your time and ensure that the body enough time to rest and sound sleep. Eating the right food is necessary, which will satisfy you with the necessary vitamins, especially during the period of beriberi. Do not allow into my life a lot of stress, since it greatly depletes the nervous system, and it in turn - immune.