Injuries of the penis with Dapoxetine

Priapism - a condition in which the result of violation of the outflow of blood from the penis or on the contrary, excessive inflow of developing resistant, hours-long erection that is not associated with sexual arousal buy dapoxetine online. The disease may have serious consequences for men's health and fertility, as in the absence of timely medical care of its outcome becomes impotence. It is true and false. If true - an acute urological disease that requires immediate intervention of a physician, the false - a chronic condition.

True priapism develops in two main variants, ischemic and not ischemic. In the first case it is accompanied by sharp circulatory disorders, in severe cases up to gangrene, in the latter case the circulation preserved.

The essence of the ongoing process: the penis during erection surging blood, filling the cavernous body, and there is compression of the veins with impaired blood flow. This is a normal process that is due to end obmyakaniem neurohumoral regulation and restoration of blood flow after ejaculation.

Spontaneously occurring - it is the most common. Its causes are not established.

It can also develop on the background of the blood system diseases, vasculitis, fat embolism, medical procedures (hemodialysis and parenteral nutrition). Thalassemia, sickle cell anemia (by the way, in children is associated with SCD in 65% of cases).

Neuropathies, the effects of spinal cord injuries and cauda equina compression.

Injuries of the penis - the most common cause of not ischemic disorders. Formation of anastomoses between the cavernous bodies and blood vessels due to the injury leads to increased blood flow when no violation of the outflow.

Some cancers, including those from outside the genital localization.

Side effects of drugs, especially - for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. However, the cause of the disease and may be hormones, and means for lowering blood pressure, and psychotropic and narcotic drugs.

Symptoms - a painful prolonged erection occurs spontaneously, not associated with sexual arousal. An erection is usually very severe, the penis is bent to the stomach, but the head at the same time remains soft. All cases of unexplained erection lasting more than 4 hours can be regarded as discussed disease and require consulting a doctor as soon as possible.

From the speed of aid depends on your future. Prolonged erection causing undue tissue fibrosis of the penis, resulting in impaired ability to self-potential, and as a result, fertility.

False priapism, which is very different symptoms, is not such a dangerous disease. Usually, it occurs in the second half of the night and sleep disturbance causes. Erections are not painful, can be accompanied by a sense of the strong rush of blood to the genitals. The desire to close does not occur, and if the man still comes into sexual relations, it leads to more frequent and weighting of current treatment. The disease can last for decades.