Leg cramps night Keppra

Seizures and convulsions can occur at any age, but it was after 50 years, they deliver the most trouble. Involuntary muscle contractions occur, which are paroxysmal in nature and can be very painful - it is the seizures (myoclonus). Older people, especially at night, such twinges cause serious discomfort keppra bipolar.

To get rid of night cramps, you need to clearly understand the cause of their appearance. Causes of cramps in the legs at night at the age of 50 years may be different. If the phenomenon has become systematic, it is necessary to apply to a specialist, who will help get rid of it.

Stress. In times of stress the entire human body is experiencing a heavy load. Including the nerve endings responsible for the contraction of muscles throughout the body. When accumulated a large amount of cortisol (a hormone that is released during stress), it disturbed the balance of micro and macro. This in turn leads to the lack of calcium that is required for muscle relaxation and stress. Stroke. The more intense bleeding occurs, the more strongly can be felt cramps.

Dehydration. Try to drink 1.5 liters of water a day and the usual 2-2.5 liters in the summer on hot days.Overvoltage muscles. After 50 years, man enough to work a couple of hours in the beds or even a half-hour to stand in line to strain the muscles. Overvoltage can occur as a consequence of wearing uncomfortable shoes.

Acute psychosis. The disease can occur at any time and at any age. A characteristic feature of acute psychosis - hallucinations both visual and auditory, that can provoke anything. Quite often in acute psychosis body temperature jumps to 40 degrees, and this condition is accompanied by convulsions. The defeat of the nervous system infection. Even the banal flu can cause night cramps. Epilepsy. This is a complex and serious disease, which is characterized by spasms in the daytime and at night.

Sudden temperature jumps. From a normal temperature to high or low, or low to high.Varicose veins. If you suspect that you have started to develop varicose veins, better as soon as possible, consult a doctor. Especially if there are parallel with myoclonia leg swelling, a feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

The presence of traumatic brain injury. As for the reduction, relaxation and maintaining muscle tone in the cerebellum is responsible (of the brain), brain injury can lead to disturbances in the work of its departments. The cerebellum may give the wrong team "cut-relax" and the muscles begin to contract and relax, even if you do not need. Poisoning. Medications, mercury, lead.

Osteoporosis. Reduced bone density. Disturbances of the electrolyte and blood chemistry. Such violations occur when the loss of potassium, magnesium, calcium, lack of vitamin D.

Violations of this type may occur for the following reasons:

Increased separation of sweat. At the output from the body and then some substances, such as magnesium. In the normal state output only magnesium excess, but if you sweat a lot is released, starts to walk away, and the magnesium, which is needed.

Stress. Since stress the body produces cortisol, but it is difficult to intestinal absorption of calcium and promotes the excretion of calcium in the urine.

Prolonged exposure in the room, the lack of direct sunlight. As a result, there is a deficiency of vitamin D and calcium is absorbed poorly.

Prolonged intake of medicines. Specifically, we mean drugs that provoke magnesium output impede its absorption and assimilation by the body. To this group of drugs may lead antacids - Almagelum and Maalox. Insulin and eufillin contribute to the conclusion of magnesium cells.

Elevated levels of protein in the diet. As a result, no glucose synthesized from carbohydrates, and from fat. Because of this fall in blood ketones, promoting calcium excretion in the urine.