Loss of hair on head Buy Propecia

Loss of hair on my head - cause of concern of many males buy propecia online. This phenomenon may be due to many factors, ranging from a genetic predisposition and lifestyle ending male external factors. However, regardless of the reasons, which accompany virtually irreversible process of hair loss, every man strives to preserve the scalp and prevent premature baldness.

Androgenic alopecia - a phenomenon that leads to hair loss due to excess content of male sex hormones in the body. The hormone acts on cells deadly volosyannyh follicle. It does not allow the hair to grow and grow, resulting in a permanent loss. Typically, in such situations for external use (gels, masks specially designed shampoos) almost powerless.

In men with incipient alopecia often occur complexes on the irreversibility of the process. Disadvantages associated with this phenomenon may appear early enough (starting 23-24 years) and expressed in excessive loss of hair, as in some areas, and the entire surface of the scalp. At the same time, the decimated areas is quite noticeable, it looks not very aesthetically pleasing, and can cause a number of systems from a representative of the male sex.

Very often, the health of the hair and the length of life depends on the health of the scalp. If the epidermis under the scalp is exposed to diseases and it is characterized by dandruff and Lep, then the chances of hair loss, the deterioration of their appearance and the lack of healthy shine. Also, an important factor is the general condition of the body, balance metabolism and literacy directly in the care of the hair (the correct selection of shampoos, conditioners, balms, masks and medical nutrient serum).

Hair consists of two parts: the hair bulb and stem directly. The bulb is located in the hair follicle, which is located in the skin of the head and brings to his nerve endings and blood vessels. As soon as the food saturates the hair bulb inside its cells begin to proliferate, resulting in lengthening bulb and conversion into the hair shaft.

The rod is a three-layer formation (central, cortical and scaly layers). Status flake word is one of the main indicators of the health of hair. If the hair healthy, flakes will fit tightly to each other and form a protection for the layers underneath.

The density of hair on the crown area of ​​the head, with normal hormonal levels, reaching an average of 290 - 310 bulbs per 1 cm sq. M. However, this figure may vary depending on the individual characteristics of each person.

In hereditary hair loss plays a major role Sox 21 (the so-called pattern baldness gene) gene. As a rule, it is in its active manifestations passed from his grandfather on his mother's side. Therefore, if your mother's father had problems with hair density, the probability that you will encounter the same issue, it is large enough. However, do not despair, if you were bald relatives in your family circle. Heredity does play a major role, but the genes may be both in active and in passive state. Therefore, the likelihood of onset of baldness is great, but not wholly.

In addition to the main factors that lead to hair loss, there is also quite personal reasons for which a person can lose hair on the head - it burns (acquired causes of baldness). If ever the head portion subjected to severe burns (thermal, chemical or same), the probability that at this point the hair follicles and the hair will be restored once again cover the damaged area is quite low. In some cases, may resume its growth only a small number of bulbs. Then at this point the hair to become more stringent, but rare.

Radiation may be the culprit for excessive hair loss. With a significant irradiation of the hair can fall out in a few days. With a constant, but a slight irradiation, hair follicles are able to accumulate radiation. Upon reaching critical for these values, significantly weaken the roots that also leads to the loss of hair.

Moles, warts, papillomas and scars on his head can partially reduce the density of the hair in a halo of its location. There are times when the most directly from moles or warts growing hair, and at the next area of ​​skin (0.1 - 05 cm) of hair growth is suspended. Given that these formations are considered as benign tumors is not recommended to independently perform any act aimed at the increase in hair density at this point, the use of special tools and medicated shampoos. Suddenly, when it was noted that the diameter of the balding around the tumors begin to grow, you must urgently seek medical advice. This phenomenon may be due to the development of cancer.