Morning erection

Our ancestors believed that the penis becomes hard because that is filled with air. But we have long known that an erection - this is the process by which during sexual arousal to the penis tide occurs arterial and venous outflow. Arterial blood fills the cavity member, increasing its volume in two or even eight times while it hardens and becomes elastic. The erection is maintained by reducing the outflow of venous blood, which regulate specific muscles (sciatic-cavernous), located at the root of the penis erectialdisfunction.net. After the excitement is reduced, there is a relaxation of the muscles and the blood that fills the cavities of the penis, flows off, reducing it to its normal size and making it soft.

However, the erection is not only subject to the availability of a "stimulus". There is an uncontrolled form of erection - morning erection, in this period, the physiological needs of men can not be controlled by the brain.

Male hormones are most concentrated in the body it is in the morning, so there is a morning erection. Sometimes the cause erections in the morning can be a full bladder, which puts pressure on the walls of blood vessels, causing nerve impulses. The fact that the centers of the brain which are responsible for sex and urination, are in the neighborhood, combining these various physiological phenomena.

Generally morning erection in the first place speaks of men's health. However, in some instances, this phenomenon may not be present, tend to cause a lack in the morning erections can be physical or mental fatigue, depression or stress condition. If an erection in the morning temporarily appears, it seriously should not worry, as this is a normal process in terms of physiology. However, prolonged lack thereof may be a signal that the male body is changing. In principle, an erection could be in a dream and therefore go unnoticed.

To find out whether there was a morning erection and eliminate erectile dysfunction, doctors do the following: the penis is put on the ring of a special thin paper, if after two nights ring remains intact - which means the existence of problems with potency, which is solved with the help of therapy, drugs for potency. If there is no erection at night, but there is no problem during the day, it is possible that the reason lies in the psychological troubles. Quick erection - good or bad?

Now in the modern pharmacy offers a huge variety of electronic potency stimulants.

Judging by the reviews, all of these devices is very efficacious, although some men cause association with the bulls-manufacturers, ready to fertilize after the application of electric shocks.

These devices really are in order to realize the dream of some men - Fast erection that occurs naturally.

However, the rapid erection should be no less rapid onset of orgasm and ejaculation, in this case, a woman in the "high-speed" process becomes clearly superfluous, because the speed - that's what it needs to last. An experienced man should be able to skillfully manage their erection to get the pleasure of sexual intimacy with a woman.

Simple Tips to support men's health: the man should get enough sleep (eight hours of sleep); I need to sleep in a dark and quiet room (for testosterone); should sleep naked, creating the ideal temperature for eggs (overheating is very undesirable for men's health).