Neurotic depression has no residence

Neurotic depression begins with a cause. Stress is a painful character, and it seems insurmountable. It has a high value for a particular person. Age, gender and place of residence are indifferent to this disease. Death causes a storm of despair and hopelessness of his terrible for the French population, Russia or Ukraine anxiety depression cure.

The patient can not get rid of thoughts about the traumatic situation, looking for the fault in the incident, crying, he does not want to listen to the words of comfort and encouragement. He feels an inexplicable joy of living in their dreams next to the dead husband or son, he visited the cemetery, talking with departed people or see them in a dream. His experiences sounds stressful time.

The morning begins with anxiety and inner tension. The brain is not resting on the darkest memories. They increase depression at any time of the day and crawl into a sleepless night.

With the active support of the native people and the personal efforts of a sick person is able to escape from depressive thoughts and engage in pleasant chores of the family.

The surviving severe stress a person under the guidance of an experienced psychologist or psychotherapist doctor is able to completely get rid of a hated burden of the past. It is open to a new page of your life. For him not to have to search for the answer to the question: What is depression? He suffered it.

According to various sources in 50-70% of cases of retirement, "endows" citizens and their "deserved rest" raznotsvetem disease that carries with it a respected age. This atherosclerotic changes in vessels of the brain and the heart, hypertension, diabetes.

Attack of ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, myocardial infarction, progressive memory decline is easy to reflect, if an elderly person will be gratefully accept every passing day. Joy, inner peace, positive attitude to life - it is a ticket to a happy and healthy retirement.

But more often the opposite happens. Vascular pathology presents a "surprise". This depression elderly. It is heavier age-related changes of the body and stimulates the development of serious diseases. Which features of depressive symptoms is important to know the people close to the pensioners?

Bright display of incomprehensible anxiety and anxiety accompanies the patient during the day, especially in the morning hours exhausting. With such experiences coexist headache, dizziness and a feeling of discomfort in the heart.

Thoughts about the severe pathology of the internal organs, the expectation of trouble for the family forcing them to constantly call the adult children and grandchildren, stating "all they have the right?". To the dismay joins high blood pressure, increased arching or squeezing headache and expressed fear of death.

Patients actively complaining of depressed mood, but an extinct eyes, mournful expression on his face, tears in his eyes confirmed the expert assumption of depressive symptoms.

The process is lengthy, slow character. Age-related changes in the thinking side stiffness, slowness, lack of flexibility and the ability to switch attention lead to chronic course of the disease. Medication becomes permanent and necessary. Confidence in incurable depression "poisons" old age, deprived of joy and deep sleep.