Everyone who is willing to show greater attention regarding their health status, is able to timely detect the first signs of pneumonia and start to take appropriate action azithromycin 250 mg. Timeliness is particularly important if the disease develops in infants, as in this situation the risks are maximized.

Aptipichnaya pneumonia is one of the most frequent. At the same time cause legionella disease, chlamydia, mycoplasma. View pathogen affects the manifested symptoms. For example, chlamydia and mycoplasma usually develop in children.

Most likely, Legionella will not affect the baby, and will be shown in the adult.

At first, the disease is manifested by pain in the throat, runny nose. For this reason, initially resembles pneumonia SARS, but then starts over differ materially, as is an increase in lymph nodes located in the neck, there are muscle pain, migraines and symptoms of meningitis. You have to understand that the pain and phlegm to the presence of blood clots are uncharacteristic symptoms.

At the beginning of Legionella form is acute, the disease soon develop a high temperature, resulting in suffering because of chest pain and severe coughing, and in the first stage may be diarrhea, impaired renal function, joint pain, slow pulse. The development of SARS can be extremely difficult, and this applies primarily to kids 2 years and 3 years. Unfortunately, in the absence of the necessary measures can have serious complications and long recovery of health.

Pneumonia is able to affect the heart, brain, kidneys. At the first suspicion of the disease it is recommended to consult a doctor in order to get all the necessary inspections and accurate diagnosis, and then - to begin proper treatment.

Treatment of pneumonia is always a complex process which can successfully manage only a doctor. For this reason, it does not take independent actions that may complicate the situation on the contrary.

Only after you see your doctor, you pass all necessary tests, will be able to understand how to cure the disease in the shortest possible time and, of course, avoid unpleasant and dangerous complications. In addition, the physician is able to determine if hospitalization or treatment can be performed at home is required, but the peculiarities of the current status will be taken into account.

If the treatment can be carried out at home, all the recommendations of the physician with special care must be observed. In addition, you need to focus on the self-monitoring of health status and to show special attention to the change of symptoms, as well as their degree of severity. In this case, it is possible to understand how effective prescription medications and whether to carry out medical course corrections required.

Treatment often done with antibiotics, which play an important role. There are the following opinion: the right administration of the antibiotic can significantly bring human recovery. At the same time, if the renounce of antibiotics and use various aids, there is the risk of a prolonged course of the disease, and subsequently - the transition to the chronic form.