Stress it is good or bad Use Adderall

There are several interpretations so popular at the moment "stress" concept in modern encyclopedias. And so, in psihologiistress - this is a reaction of the body (mental, physical, emotional, chemical) to all that it frightens, annoys or threatens. The founder of the theory of stress, Czech scientist Hans Selye, in the course of their research came to the conclusion that the stress can be called non-specific protective reaction of the organism to unfavorable factors, violating his peaceful existence. There was a concept in 1936. term meant "pressure", "voltage" In technical value weblink where to buy amphetamine?.

All these definitions are clearly and simply create an understanding of this condition. However, to understand what is stress, there is no need to look in the encyclopedia - just look around.

In our age of rapid all in a hurry, running somewhere, trying to do everything. Each of us add up their definite ideas about the environment, formed by the needs generated by the system requirements. Inconsistencies our ideas and reality, generate dissatisfaction. It's one thing when this dissatisfaction is pushing for further development, self-improvement, and another when it causes aggression to the whole world, which destroyed the dreams of happiness.

Stress burst into our lives in the parking lot, the shuttles in quarrels with relatives, to "carpet" of his superiors ... The list is endless.

Causes of stress in science called stressors. Accordingly, the researchers identified three groups of stressors.

First - this is outside our stressors. These include: weather, prices, inflation, the habits of other people, government actions, taxes. Under their influence to exhaustion I can be nervous about the increased tariffs in force inexperienced driver, but other than high blood pressure and adrenaline concentration, nothing will change. Much more effective is to use a technique of positive visualization, muscle relaxation, meditation techniques and breathing exercises.

The second involves phenomena and events that we voluntarily convert into problems. This group includes all kinds of anxiety about past events that are no longer able to change, and the future.

Third - it stressors that we are subject to. These are not constructive action, inability to manage your time, inability to prioritize, some difficulties in interpersonal interaction. In this vein, it is important to note that the stressor - it's just an excuse for its beginning, the cause of mental disorders, we do it ourselves.

Causes of stress lying in wait for us every second, another thing we react to them. This can be explained in terms of physiology. The human brain can not distinguish between a real threat from the apparent, and each time, when the situation is alarming, he reacts as a real threat.

The danger of such situations is the gradual habituation of the organism to a hostile environment. He is constantly in "combat" readiness that contributes to chronic stress. In psychology, this concept is interpreted as the result of a long stay in an extremely dangerous situation. It could not be better characterize the aggressive reality of the modern business world.

To have a complete picture of what is stress, stress should consider the stage or stages of its development.