Testicular Atrophy

Atrophy of the testicles in men, this decrease in the volume of a violation of spermatogenesis and hormone production. There is a strong opinion that it could only be the athletes who abuse steroids, but it is not so. In reality, the incidence rate of this disease is very wide, and suffer from this disease, even those men who did never come into contact with body building and taking any hormones erectile dysfunction.

Moreover, it should be noted that current patterns of use of sports drugs reduce the risk of such complications is practically zero, and now it is perhaps the last of the causes of this disease.

It is possible at any age, but most often develops as a result of cryptorchidism in children. Typically, this unilateral disease. Late surgical treatment (over the age of 2 years), and gross interference tissue atrophy due to circulatory disorders, adverse temperature conditions. Subsequently, and in children and adults, the disease can develop on the background of the transferred organ injury, varicocele, surgical interventions on the organs of the scrotum (hernia repair, surgery for hydrocephalus).

This disease leads as hormonal disorders, so it is possible for severe obesity, dysregulation of sex hormones. In such cases, this process is two-way. Perhaps the development of the disease after its torsion or infection.

This disease must be able to differentiate from hypoplasia. In the first case there is a reduction in the size of normal organ before, during hypoplasia it simply does not develop to the desired size.

It does not matter why the disease has developed, the causes may be different, but the consequences will be the same in all cases - male infertility ...

Symptoms that can be seen even on their own, are manifested by progressive reduction in size and change in consistency. The egg becomes flabby, and in severe cases it may have a thin plate to stay, hardly perceived by palpation of the scrotum.

Semen is abnormal even when a saved second testicle. The point common neuro-humoral regulation, so a defeat interfere with the function and the second. Sperm reduced quantity and quality of sperm that leads to sterility.

It is interesting that many men at the same time did not suffer from erectile dysfunction. An illustration of this can be the story of the introduction of a complete emasculation (with clipping and penis) eunuchs in the harems of the ancient East, after it was discovered that they are capable of sexual relations, even with the amputation of both testicles.

Unfortunately, if the disease has already developed - the treatment is not possible. It is recommended to delete the modified body to cryptorchidism, because it may cause cancer. It is only possible prevention of the disease, early surgical treatment of cryptorchidism and varicocele, torsion, proper treatment of injuries and infections, prevention of hormonal imbalance in the treatment of male steroid hormones.