The first signs of kidney disease

Kidneys perform in the body many vital functions: the elimination of toxins and impurities, normalizing the pressure control elements contained in the blood. It is this body for pumping blood several hundred liters per day, it gives a pure form to all the other organs and tissues lasix-info.net.

The first is the presence of inflammation in connection with the occurrence of infection in the body. It arises due to Escherichia coli. Disease, in most cases, manifested simultaneously with other dangerous abnormalities - forms of diabetes, kidney stones. The patient has a fever, sore lower back, cloudy urine.

This disease is failure, is not only dangerous for the health authority, but also the life of the patient. Disturbed excretory function, which causes poisoning slags. A special threat is two-sided renal failure.

Most all known renal disease names are composed of the word "Jade", which is defined by the occurrence of inflammation in the kidney tissue. Glomerulonephritis is characterized by damage glomerular filtration, which purify urine in the body.

When inflammation produces antibodies that attack the blood vessels of the glomeruli.

It is a consequence of the emergence of streptococci (after angina or acute respiratory disease running, allergies to foods, alcohol poisoning). Urine color changes abruptly, appearing edema, increased blood pressure.

By the underlying disease of the kidneys and urinary tract include kidney stone disease. This is the result of severe disruption of the exchange of vital substances. According to statistics, diagnosed in people who have reached the age level of 20-25 years. Dangerous occurrence of invisible, revealed only during diagnosis.

With the small size of the stone and its high mobility appear back pain, there are cases of blood falling into the urine.

The children can be divided into 2 groups: from birth, or acquired with time. In the first case the cause is abnormal development before birth or transfer by inheritance. In the second - arises from the negative impact of external factors.

The confusion begins with the development of the disease. Signs of reduced to the fact that the man shivering slightly and he feels some discomfort. I agree with something that reminds a cold. Typically, we may even simply ignore the like, although during this period with sickness handle easiest.

Because of the relationship of legs and kidneys, it is recommended to dial a good warm water and warm them. It will be ideal if you are at the same time to wrap up and stock up with hot tea, so you can relax. Finally, you can keep warm mustard plasters to the feet, and then sleep it off in a warm bed.

In the absence of this kind of first aid, general condition will only get worse, and kidney disease to progress.