Toothache Buy Soma

Such a state is hard to bear. If the pain starts to bother a person can not do the work, it is difficult to focus. The tooth shoots while eating and drinking fluids buy soma online. The patient is difficult to speak and even smile.

Most often, it begins suddenly, indicating that inflammation inside the tooth. When enamel is damaged, it can be caries or pulpitis. When a tooth is healthy in appearance, but it hurts to press or it hurts very badly, it may be indicative of violations in the bud.

If the pain has started, follow some of the recommendations:

Do not use hot compresses for the treatment, it will complicate the subsequent diagnosis of disease physician.

Chew food, taking care not to press on the aching tooth, so as not to disturb.

Avoid very hot, sour, or sweet dishes. They will increase the irritation in the affected cavity and the pain intensified.

Try to open your mouth less often. From getting the symptoms are aggravated cold air.

Diagnosis can only a doctor, but when a toothache starts on the weekend or late in the evening, there is quite difficult in the dental office. In such cases it is necessary to stop an attack time and try to relieve the pain, without leaving home.

If the pain is constant, gives to the ear and neck, enhanced by a finger pressing on a gum or tooth, it is probably pulpit and after a while becomes swollen cheek.

To pulsating sharp pain subsided in the first place, it is necessary to clean the mouth of food debris. They disperse many microbes that cause inflammation.

To do this, dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth.

To enhance the effect, mix baking soda and salt in equal quantities, pour the water from the kettle, type liquid into the mouth and hold it there for at least 2 minutes. Try to keep the water washed the affected area. Do this three - four times in a row, and the attack subsides.

If discomfort persists, soak in the mouth a small amount of alcohol. This can be vodka, brandy or alcohol diluted liquid one to two. From vysokogradusnogo drink gums numb and the pain will stop.

For pain relief, you can apply ice. Remove from the freezer a few cubes, wrap them in a thin towel and place it on his cheek. The cold has long been used as a local anesthetic, so the discomfort should decrease.