Treatment of varicocele With Levitra

To date, the causes of the problems with the left testicle is not well established, so the deviation is called "idiopathic." Only in rare cases, it may be due to compression of the veins in the testicle tumor zabryushnnom space. But if the cause is the case, then it will be called - symptomatic buy levitra online.

As a rule, it occurs only left-side extension, and it is connected with the peculiarities of blood supply to the testicle. Blood has three main outflow tract from the testis, with most of the blood flowing through the veins of so-called uviform plexus. These veins are the right and left differences.

On the right, they flow directly into the inferior vena cava and, and there does not arise any difficulties with the outflow of blood.

Left venous plexus reaches the renal vein of the left kidney and flows into it, and renal Vienna, in turn, in the inferior vena cava.

All anything - but especially the left renal vein location is such that for some men, it is in a kind of "tweezers" between the major mesenteric artery and the aorta. Tweezers is compressed when a person takes a vertical position, and kidney gravity pulls down, lying down - and it opens the blood flow is restored. Blood from the egg in standing position not only goes to the renal vein, there is a discharge of blood from the kidney to the acinar plexus, veins dilate, and we see a varicocele scrotum.

Why does someone develop the disease, and who is not present - it is still unknown. It is understood one thing - masturbation, heavy lifting, and other "sins" is not the cause.

Independently notice symptoms difficult. In the supine position venous fallen down and can not be seen, standing something to feel, of course, you can, if you know what to look for. The affected area of pain only in a small percentage of cases, as a rule, nothing at all does not disturb, and the diagnosis puts urologist at the examination. Pains arise as a pulling feeling, a feeling of heaviness in the left half of the scrotum associated with exercise or long standing.

The disease is symptomatic (rarely) and idiopathic. In the first case it can be left, and on both sides, in the second it is always the left. Next, we will only talk about the second option.

In the area of the left scrotal veins occur in a prone position, they are fallen down and can not be seen while standing, especially when straining, they fill with blood.

Visually vein konturiruyutsya and much of their expansion only in the second degree of the disease, it can be seen standing in the mirror and find "worms in a poke", but also - just standing.