Infertility, depending on the specific cause, provoked the failure of the child conception and fertility can be hormonal (there has been a violation in the process of oocyte maturation and its release due to hormonal disruption), and pipe (violation of tubal patency) and the mother (true hereditary or acquired disorders of the uterus) clomiphene citrate cost. A special place is already marked by infertility, the causes of which can not be explained from a medical point of view, where, most likely, we are talking about any psychological "units" and "units", excluding Conception.

Thus, an obstacle in this regard can be even excessive desire to get pregnant, not to mention the reluctance to have children, although, of course, on those items permitted retreat - examples of the appearance of "unwanted" children in life, there are many, because in any case, even the inexplicable infertility all strictly individually.

Also recovered absolute sterility and infertility relative. Under the relative infertility fall items discussed above, and in these cases it is curable, ie pregnancy still occurs. With regard to such a shape as absolute sterility, it is unfortunately impossible indicates pregnancy due relevance of certain physiological characteristics of the female reproductive system and the body in particular (for example, the absence of ovaries, uterus, etc.).

In addition, infertility can be primary and secondary. Primary infertility is the inability to conceive provided prior lack of attempts to become pregnant, i.e. pregnancy, as such, has never occurred at all. If the pregnancy has already advancing, regardless of the outcome of the results of its (full gestation and childbirth, miscarriage, abortion and so on.), And in particular within the reporting period, it is impossible to conceive, it is - secondary infertility.

All this - the underlying causes of infertility, and the causes, the most common when dealing with this type of disorder of the reproductive function. In a more concise selection of reasons often indicate their top three such as problems with ovulation, endometriosis and obstruction of the fallopian tubes.

Separately can be designated among the factors of infertility age - almost twice as decreased fertility in women after 35 years, while most considered the best age from 20 to 30 years. You can also add stress, combined with constant fatigue, lack of sleep and over-active (or, conversely, passive), the rhythm of life, which, as can be understood from consideration of other diseases can not only lead to infertility, but also to the whole "bouquet" of other diseases . And finally, among the most common causes of infertility are indicated reasons, failed to find appropriate medical justification for the impossibility of the pregnancy. In this case, we can talk even about any purely psychological "blocking", because of which the pregnancy does not occur even in the normal state of health of both prospective parents.

A special role among the "sexual revolution" of factors of infertility, because of which in particular the increased prevalence of infectious diseases, not less important it becomes, and the delay of first pregnancy in young women. Remarkably, the male infertility becomes an actual cause of non-occurrence of a woman's pregnancy is about one-third of cases, the other third were female infertility, the rest of the - families in which, for whatever reasons, were fruitless while both partners. Causes of male infertility are mostly limited to pathological changes of sperm, low sperm activity, an insufficient amount of sperm released.

Increase the chances of successful conception can be achieved by following certain guidelines with regards to professionals conception specificity. In particular, they recommend to this switch for intercourse on certain days of the menstrual cycle intervals "night after night" for the interval between days 10-18 days of the menstrual cycle (first day in a cycle is considered the first day of menses). This period is the most favorable to fertilize the female egg. With regard to the proposed option intercourse every other day, it is because every day changes the level of sperm concentration up to its highest levels, that is, it also plays an important role as regards the efficiency of fertilization attempts.

In communicating the lubricant should not be used. During the current attempts to conceive douching should be deleted, as well as washing away after sex. The majority of experts are inclined to believe that the position at the time it is not critical, although in this respect there is a recommendation from some of them. So, for a successful conception under these conditions it is better to stick to "final" in the "missionary". After that, for about 20 minutes is recommended to be in the supine position, your knees should be bent and raised.