When suffering from prostatitis prostate gland

Acute illness and exacerbation of chronic inflammation are closely related to intoxication. The main symptom of this - headache, malaise, chills and sweating buy avodart online.

One of the brightest and most common symptoms of prostatitis in men: a detailed description of a fever. The chronic form of the disease rarely associated with fever.

Very often the first signs of the disease such as prostatitis, manifest violation of the sexual function of men. This should include the weakening of erectile function, reducing the severity of sensations during intercourse. Among the symptoms of prostatitis in men, a detailed description of which helps quickly identify the presence of disease, it is worth noting early ejaculation, and infertility.

The cause of inflammation of the prostate is the fact that the duration of sexual intercourse is very much reduced. Often seminal fluid contains pus or blood, its quantity can be reduced dramatically. In prostatitis, impotence - is not necessarily a symptom.

Do not forget that the prostate takes part in the elaboration of the seminal fluid, the malfunction often leads to the impossibility of conceiving. However, with the cause of infertility can be combated, because the process is completely reversible. Even after a long, but proper treatment, the man has the potential to become a father.

When symptoms of prostatitis: a detailed description of which affect the sexual sphere, it is imperative to consult a doctor. Specialist prescribe adequate treatment and give advice. The rate of solution of the problem depends on how fast you react to the first symptoms of the disease.

Symptoms of prostatitis in men, details of which are important to know for the quick response, and may have only psychological grounds. Often the disease is accompanied by such signs - nervous disorders, fatigue, drowsiness, fatigue, chronic fatigue. Often, these symptoms do not pay attention, but they can affect the quality of human life.

In no case can not treat prostatitis as to sentence. Moreover, if treatment is started on time, and the selected methods - different correctness.

Prostatitis symptoms and treatment of drug is considered first. After all, on the inflammatory nature of the disease can affect the best antibiotics and antivirals. We should not forget about the physical therapy methods, which are very positive effect on the prostate gland using ultrasound, magnetic field, laser and other physical phenomena. With the permission of the attending physician may supplement tonic massage therapy, but we must not forget that drugs will help a lot faster, if a person, for its part contribute to recovery. This mandatory exercise, good nutrition, giving up unhealthy and addictions, as well as support the immune forces of the body through a variety of vitamin.

Inflammation of the prostate symptoms and treatment always define each other. But the present therapy without drugs impossible. Therefore, even if you want to use folk remedies for prostatitis, be sure to Convey this to your doctor, to match and eliminate all possible side effects.