Why do men begin balding Use Propecia

When it comes to beauty and health of hair, most likely, it will be a woman's hair. Men are much less worried about the health of their hair and usually recall them when problems become too obvious propecia shedding.

And what are the problems with hair is usually worried about the men? Most often it is hair loss or baldness and dandruff. Occasionally men may suffer because of excessive fat or dull hair type, but such problems are usually easily solved with proper hair care.

Recently, baldness greatly rejuvenated, and the reasons for this a lot, so you need to pay close attention to the problem at the first sign of baldness. To determine whether the hair loss, you can carry out a simple test, you need to take hand about a strand of hair out of ten or more and a little hair pulling. If the left hand is not more than 3 hairs, then there is nothing to worry about, and if more, then it is time to take action. But first you need to find out the cause of baldness.

The main reason for early baldness - raising the level of sex hormones androgens, which deteriorate the hair nutrition and lead to its loss. Call it a difficult disease, rather - it is a feature of an organism that is inherited.

Another cause of hair loss in men - frequent stress. If you often enough sleep, nervous, a lot of work, the chances to get a bald head long into old age you are very high. The fact that stress during the process of hair growth ceases, and in some cases the hair follicles are simply die.

Most produced anti hair loss in the world. Total recites them about 300 thousand, which is much more than any other drug.

Hair very well reflect the general state of the organism man. If fact, there are chronic infections, the hair will look unhealthy and gradually lose their density. If, however, begins a sharp loss of hair, it is possible to suspect the presence of inflammation, stomach problems or thyroid, tonsillitis, or even tooth decay. Often sudden hair loss provokes a sexually transmitted disease.

In addition, lead to hair loss can be unhealthy diet, bad habits, seasonal and age-related changes or banal wrong hair care.

The skin on the head, as in any other part of the body is constantly updated and peeled. Normally, skin cells are very small and inconspicuous, but sometimes they can be large and exfoliating in large quantities, then we call it dandruff. When the skin starts to peel off in large numbers and large pieces of peel off, they can lie on the hair and shoulders, and look very ugly and sloppy.

As we have said, dandruff can be caused by different reasons, and therefore treatment can vary significantly. If dandruff appears only and does not bring a lot of trouble, then its removal is often enough simply changing tools for hair care.

Often to get rid of dandruff shampoo lack of simple replacement. If you have increased hair oiliness, and against this background, there was dandruff, the shampoo for oily hair will help to normalize the state of scalp and hair, and parallel to eliminate dandruff. The same situation is with the excessive dryness of the scalp.