Why do men gets up in the morning

An erection that occurs during the night and morning hours, is due to the special condition of the male sexual organ men impotency. Due to the spontaneous flow of blood, the phallus is significantly increased in size.

Harassing many young people the question of why the guys in the morning is a member, used to explain the reasons for overcrowding in the bladder, which supplies about a signal in the spinal center. When irritation hotspot reaches the maximum level, it moves to the neighboring areas where the erection center is located. As a result, the penis becomes agitated. Numerous medical studies in the field of urogenital confirmed the fallacy of such a claim.

There is another answer to the question of why the guys in the morning is a sexual organ among young people. The reason for this can serve as a dream, wearing erotic nature. In practice, that not all people have dreams, and if removed, the topic they may be associated with other events entirely. Nevertheless morning erections in men still present.

Often the question of why the guys in the morning is a member, worried parents of teens and younger boys. Morning erection represented adult an aberration from the norm and explains the early development of modern children. In fact, even in infants who are in utero, doctors observed the excitement of sexual organs.

Worries about why men in the morning is the penis, usually expressed adults, less educated people. Today, information is widely known that an erection is directly related to nocturnal sleep phases, which a person has been two.

REM sleep period lasts about twenty minutes, slowly comes to an hour. During the night phase, alternating periodically replace each other. Dreaming man is visited in a short period of REM sleep. At this time, the pulse quickens, there is a movement of the eyeballs, and slightly increases the body temperature. In such a state, and there is penile arousal.

If a man wakes up in the time of REM sleep, the member may be in the erect state. Such a simple explanation can be given to the question of uninformed people about why the guys in the morning is the phallus.

The theme of the morning and nocturnal erections was thoroughly investigated even in the forties of the last century. A dozen young people were a long time in the laboratory, where the equipment was installed, take readings of brain activity and noting the onset and duration of REM sleep. Also, the behavior of sleeping people was recorded with a hidden camera surveillance.

A survey of patients confirmed the natural onset of each of several nocturnal erections, a total length of about two hours. As a result of observation, it was concluded that in young, physically healthy men the excitement of the penis occurs at night every hour and a half. Prolonged standing can last from twenty to forty minutes.

With age, the incidence of nocturnal erections is significantly reduced and shortened its duration. In elderly people over seventy years the ability to excitation is still, but the strength and duration are minimum values.