With depression should understand by Cymbalta

Modern medicine begins to stroke and myocardial infarction, recaptures once doomed cancer patients have died. But it continues to painfully search for an exit from the labyrinth of hopelessness, despair and unwillingness to live, in which millions of people living in different parts of the world. The variety of antidepressants are the envy of any branch of medical science, and the problem, like an open wound, is still bleeding and asking for help. What is depression and whether it is possible to defeat a ruthless enemy buy cymbalta online?

Depression brings down its impact on the wealthy members of society and the poor. It invades the prosperous countries of Europe, America and does not shy away from developing Africa and CIS countries. She does not spare students and pensioners. Depression attacks on women and men. purse size does not affect the strength of its destruction.

Depressive disorders are shocking for its diversity, the severity of the process and the forecasts for the future. The most unpredictable of them conceal the true face behind the masks of various diseases and forced people to seek not to those skilled in the art, followed by treatment useless. With depression should deal promptly, without delay on "Monday". Like any disease, it develops and puts deep roots.

A huge army of depression is divided into two large and radically alien to each other group. This psychotic and neurotic emotional experiences.

If we imagine the world of the sick person in a multi-colored shades, it looks cloudy, gray and completely black in psychosis in neurosis.

The disease develops gradually, on a background of complete physical health. It is not connected with stressful situations, conflictual relationships at work and home. Conversely depression stalking the happy family, where peace and harmony flourish and nothing portends trouble.

This state invades the lives of young people 20-30 years old, snatches them from among the working-age population and, progressing, leading to disability. Violated social connections, the ability to plan for the future and to feel comfortable in the company of peers.

Severity of depression does not depend on external circumstances. Sunny weather and blooming gardens in the spring of bright, rich colors of summer, or "golden" autumn charm can not disperse the dark clouds in the soul of man and his inability to enjoy the surrounding beauty.

Depression as part of psychosis manifests itself in melancholy detachment, indifference to life of loved ones. Patients immersed in a painful meditation, do not see the meaning of life. They torture themselves with thoughts of the futility and worthlessness, feeling "a burden" for the family. Depressed mood most pronounced in the morning and evening of the evening.

Lack of appetite, physical exhaustion, fatigue and "chair" delay complete the picture of the disease.

A comprehensive survey does not reveal pathology. Only a long chat with a psychiatrist, observation of the behavior, painful manifestations in everyday life and trusting relationship with native people to help make the correct diagnosis and comprehensive treatment.

With a bad mood meets at least once every inhabitant of the planet. Offended girlfriend or rude boss. Sudden tonsillitis put him to bed in the middle of a vacation or a toothache on the eve of the long-awaited date with your loved ones. Unpleasant moments cause painful dissatisfaction with the "unfair" reality and may lead to tears or self-pity.

But the tragic death of her only son, her husband's betrayal and his departure to another woman, serious illness of older mothers with uncertain forecasts for the future - a short list of reasons, which leads to the invisible network of anxious-depressive state.