Diagnosis and analysis of diabetes Use Januvia

As is known, the main symptom of diabetes is high sugar content, and sustainable. To find out exact figures are diagnosed diabetes, one of the components of which is taking a blood sample januvia generic. The procedure is carried out only in the case when the person in about half a day not to eat anything

If you exceed the value of the established normal mark, it requires a number of additional procedures, so increasing the sugar evidence not only of diabetes. It could be infectious viruses, a variety of injuries or chronic overexertion or stress conditions. In order to establish a definitive diagnosis requires specially aimed at the source of deviation diagnosis.

Laboratory diagnosis is assigned to a patient who is suspected diabetes after a full examination by a specialist. Primarily, this determination of the amount of glucose present in the body.

Exceeding the permissible value on the outcomes indicates a violation of metabolism. In order to identify the most accurate measurement data are held in the two sequences and the number of different calendar. This is done in the morning and the day on an empty stomach, with the latter receiving food - not later than the previous day's lunch.

For a precise answer to the question of how to define diabetes, analyzes appointed: showing fructosamine level for a period of 20 days; showing glikozilirovannvyo hemoglobin for 90 days; ketones determining to identify the nature of acute complications.

Additional methods include oral glucose tolerance test, identify the causes of the abnormal high blood sugar levels.

The patient is taken blood in the morning, given a solution which should be drunk, and the same procedure is performed on the collection, a few hours later. If the figures were higher than normal, it means lack of assimilation by the body substance.

It requires repeated testing, and more than once. Upon receipt of the identical values ‚Äč‚Äčstipulated physician diagnosis. At the same time pass on clarifying the urine of the patient.

When studies revealed an increase of glucose of urine - autsetoriya or glycosuria. In the absence of giperklimii signs, but figures are inflated by additional tests are carried out on the reaction to the element, and only then draw conclusions on the exclusion or approval.

Specialists focuses on the specific gravity of urine, identify the treatment of other diseases in persons who are not aware of the presence of abnormalities in metabolism. In determining the disease, its forms, the proper selection of appropriate treatment and medications, it is very important the correct determination of the quantitative level of insulin.

At higher rates and at the same time low concentration of sweetener, the diagnosis - hyperinsulinemia pathological form. If there are similar high parameters during a period when a person is hungry, it's obvious signs of diabetes.

In any case, the approach requires a comprehensive and timely manner that can detect serious deviations or complete or partial absence. Differential species does not allow dynamic development and guarantees the timely appointment of the required treatment.