Ear diseases in children

Diseases of the ear can affect different parts of the organ of hearing. As pathogens are such infectious diseases with possible severe consequences, as well as a variety of injuries, excessive acoustic load or strong overcooling http://amoxil-news.net/.

Ear disease in children in most cases, have an inflammatory nature, which is in turn manifested in acute or chronic form of the same. Common name of inflammation - is otitis media.

Most often, a specialist treated the children with otitis external manifestations. There is a disease due to the penetration of infection through the skin of the auditory meatus by minor injuries, such as damage from a comb or hygiene ears.

The skin becomes red color, passage - significantly narrows to a small gap because of the appearance of edema. Quite often stands translucent liquid.

Cases of occurrence of the external ear disease from Streptococcus A. This violation is called erysipelas. Infection infection passes through a tiny break in the skin, as well as micro-cracks.

Initially, the child may experience fever, he loses the natural desire for food and the temperature rises. Visual symptoms: redness of the ear, the appearance of blisters and swelling.

In addition to children's ear disease include inflammation of the follicle in the ear canal or a boil. Sources appearance - reducing the protective barrier in the body, plus the fact microtrauma. Determine boil layman is difficult, since it is not visible from the outside.

You can focus on the indirect symptoms - pain when chewing or touching. In addition, significantly increased lymph nodes close to the ears.

Ulcer opened a few days after the onset of pain that is gradually disappearing. In order not to wait for complications and to endure the pain, you should consult a professional for a quick and effective treatment.

The symptoms of inner ear diseases in different individuals can vary greatly. Often manifested headache, painful nausea, ringing in the ears, severe dizziness, which is one of the most common initial signs of deviation from the norm.

Often patients complain of changes in auditory perception, indicating that the penetration of infection. Hearing may fluctuate or severely distorted, heard the crackling, hissing or clicking of. Explicitly the problems of the inner ear excessive sensitivity to loud sounds and disorientation.

Symptomatic deviations can be blurred vision - a dangerous sign, focusing on patients who are not treated by the specialist. The vision may become blurred, objects of observation - double, bright light causes a sharp pain.