How to lose weight without dieting

1. Sleep

The more you sleep, the less you weigh - the formula is simple but effective. Scientists have shown that lack of sleep increases the supplements for weight loss 2016 appetite and makes you want to "cheer up" a cup of coffee with sugar, chocolate bars or other not very useful product to the waist. Experts in sleep or a sleep felt that good sleep can help to lose up to 7 extra kilos a year. Of course, you do not need to go to extremes, trying to sleep 10 hours a day. To avoid excess weight, enough to increase the duration of sleep for 20-30 minutes. In most cases, a favorable effect on the shape and naps. It lowers the level of a substance such as cortisol, which is responsible for a set of body fat and makes you more energetic upon awakening.

2. Proper glassware

It might seem like you can lose weight by changing dishes in the house? But nutritionists have found out that if there are small plates of small cutlery, you can reduce the amount of food and feel full. In this case, psychological saturation occurs faster because our brain perceives these portions as standard. It is noteworthy that the size is not only important, but also the color of dishes. For example, most "unappetizing" is considered to be dark blue and light dishes, on the contrary, we want to make supplements.

3. Music

British researchers from the University of Leicester have published a report on how music affects the appetite. Enjoy the food and eat it slowly, carefully chewing each bite, makes classical music, blues and jazz. Pleasant melodies improve the efficiency of taste, so saturation occurs faster. Another way to reduce appetite - loud music, however, it can and does fight off the desire to try something tasty that threatens indigestion.

4. Food Diary

Sometimes we do not notice the small weaknesses that currently allow: to eat the cookies, which treated the boss to dinner drink a bottle of Coke, and in the evening indulge in a glass of wine in good company. It seems that nothing criminal had committed, but in the end we see the result of these weaknesses, on the hips and sides. To each day to be aware of your diet, keep a food diary. Make sure that when you eat, and the choice of product depends on your mood. Finding negative trend, you can easily give up bad food. Why, for example, in a fit of anger do not chew chestnut diet instead of "seizing" the negative chocolates?

5. Furnishings

Psychologists and nutritionists believe sometimes even setting your personal space promotes a set of extra kilos. If your husband loves pastries, ask him to have it at work, not at home, so as not to exacerbate the temptation. When a colleague leaves a saucer with sweets on the table, ask him to hide the sweets, so they will not be embarrassed. Place of work and home motivators - for example, set as desktop picture of your idol, slender, and at home, hang in a prominent place a favorite dress, from which grew "thanks" to all of the same sweets.

6. Entertainment

To lose weight, you need to often be in a good mood. Wherever you are - at work, at the gym, at home or somewhere else - seek to get pleasure from life. Japanese scientists have found that people who exercise voluntarily achieve much better results than those who go to a fitness club "under duress." The fact that a good mood and pleasure from your favorite things contribute to the synthesis of endorphins, and they, in turn, trigger the process of losing weight. If they wanted to sport does not cause you positive emotions, find an alternative. For example, to visit exhibitions and museums, walk along the unexplored streets - move, but without the hot dog in his hand.

7. Procedures

Since we are talking about low-cost and effective way to lose weight without dieting and grueling workouts, not to mention the weight loss at home. There are a lot of procedures that will cost you much cheaper salon. For example, wrap with honey, algae or cosmetic clay. Especially nice, but a little less than the budget, will be a chocolate wrap. The recipe is simple: melt the tiles of dark chocolate in a water bath, add half a cup of milk and a few drops of essential oil of grapefruit. Mix well and cool slightly resulting mixture, apply it to problem areas with a thick layer of cling film wrap and cover with a warm blanket for 20 minutes. Then rinse and moisturize the skin lotion. Repeat every two weeks, and effective weight loss guaranteed!