Lactocele with Nolvadex

Diseases of the mammary glands produce stunning results among patients of different ages. Calls to mammologamm not decrease, but rather increase with each passing year navigate to these guys.

Many women come to the breast center with different symptoms and all sorts of suspicions on mastopathy and malignant tumor.

Medical practice causes a certain percentage, which shows that more than 40% of the beautiful half of the population suffers from a variety of breast diseases. Healthy breast for women is always a good physical and emotional condition.

As with any other disease, identify problems in time to ensure timely diagnosis and successful treatment. All breast diseases can be divided into the tumor and inflammatory.

Pathology of cyst is called a recessed formation (single or multiple) which is a cavity filled with liquid from the tissue content. Breast cysts appear in the ducts and have certain characteristics:

cyst - a kind of capsule filled with liquid is not inflammatory. It is formed before a cyst in the breast ducts extend, which are accumulated secretions and fibrous capsule formation. In rare cases, a cyst may be formed in the end section duct, thereby isolating and losing contact with him;

Fluid in the cyst, depending on the component and the period of existence of different color. It can be yellow, green and dark brown hue. With long-term existence of cyst formation in lumps appear, are not particularly dangerous;

The thickness of the cavity walls is also dependent on the formation period (the initial stage of thin, compact - has long if formed). Symptoms can manifest itself after a long time;

If a long time do not pay attention to the problem, the cyst can fester and become inflamed. Often, breast cyst occurs on the background of other dishormonal pathologies in the female reproductive system;

When a large amount of education can change shape of the breast. Cyst breast receives as circular and oval, and irregular shapes, sizes range from a couple of millimeters to more than 5 centimeters;

Cyst differs from a typical atypical walls, which in the first case, smooth and even, and the second - with growths. Polycystic breast is the process in which several cavities are merged into a multi-chamber cluster, greatly aggravates the situation and affects most of the breast. Cyst can affect how one or both breasts;

Cyst small size did not bring any discomfort a woman of her education she can find out thanks to a detailed self-test or inspection in mammalogy. When the capsule reaches a medium or large size, it is easily detectable and delivers pain before menstruation. Expanding in size, the cyst starts to put pressure on the surrounding tissue and strengthen the unpleasant effects.

When a woman begins to suspect at the formation of breast cysts, it urgently needs to be examined by a gynecologist, undergo hormonal examination and in any case not to think about self-medication. If you wish to practice the treatment of breast cysts folk remedies must be understood that if drug clearly defined side effects, but what to expect from the plant, we can only guess. Some women are treated with a decoction of St. John's wort, burdock root tincture walnut shells, and other methods for the safety of which they themselves are responsible.