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Real Relief, Real Health with the p-method

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A how-to guide for arthritis and immune-related illnesses


70+ pages of:

· What science has learned about how some common auto-immune disease develops and some common treatments

· Using the p-method, how to figure out the cause of your diseases.

· Compiled lists of herbs, minerals, and vitamins and commercial brands used in successful regimens and those tested scientifically which could possibly aid in anyone’s journey.  Also listed are positive alternative aids like diet suggestions, proven helpful subliminal hypnosis CD’s, and how-to diagrams.

· How to make your own list of all of the above specific to your body’s biochemical needs.

· Password to support forum where any concerns or questions can be answered.

Inside the e-BookReal Health Method

Want to learn more about alternative treatments for your arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, or side effects from a ruptured breast implant?  Do you need to understand if you have effective treatment? 

This book is for you!.  Refund Details

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A discussion about arthritris

E-book Reviews



I’ve had a run through of the material.  I must say, it’s a very interesting perspective with great information for things to consider or try.  Very informative.  I hope others take the chance and go after better alternative treatments.  This book is a great place to start.



Finally, a real solution for real people. 

Start your regimen today! 

..we can help you every step of the way.

· Are your arthritis treatments really effective?  Do you feel that you get limited relief only?


· Do you wish to make sure that you don’t have the same effects or sufferings as your parents?


· Know someone suffering who could really use an alternative solution?


These and many reasons more suggest why the ‘Real Relief, Real Health’ manual can be of help for real answers for real people.


So many articles about arthritis speak to skewed information.  However, what is absolutely correct is how in the U.S. there is a growing demographic of 60+ people.  However, unlike places like Japan, who has one of the lowest incidences of cancer or bone-related disorders or like France which has the lowest incidence of heart disease.


Who are you?


Then there’s the murmurs of ‘natural cures’ which many are turning to because the medicinal advice is not providing improvement or is too expensive to obtain.  Then off then go for natural cures, and many are seeing just because it’s ‘natural’ doesn’t mean that it’s not HARMFUL.


So what recourse is there?  Why, ‘Real Relief, Real Health’!


This one of a kind manual marries the world of ‘science’ and the ‘natural’ for an all-inclusive step-by-step guide so you can know the final truth of what are the best treatments for you– even learn if there are steps to REVERSE the process that caused your arthritic condition.


Did you know that arthritis, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, reactions to silicone-based implants are ALL auto-immune diseases?  Auto-immune signifies that the body attacks itself.  What an odd thing!?  Why would the body want to or start to do this?  Well, simply there are microbes which can resemble entities in the body.  If there are not enough T and B cells to recognize what’s ‘good’ or what’s bad..then it becomes ‘all fair’.  The body then attacks organs and systems crippling them trying to rid itself.  THIS CAN BE RE-TRAINED- ‘Real Relief, Real Health’ shows you how.


It’s most extraordinary portions detail and age-old technique for reading your body’s biofields, the p-method.  In doing so, you can learn SPECIFICALLY how to right yours such that your body properly recognizes triggering microbes for what they are.   The great thing is that even if the p-method is not for you, then learn about ALL of your options in one place.


Arm yourself with knowledge so you can DO something about what your body is doing to YOU!


It’s yours for the taking- ‘Real Relief’ (and) ‘Real Health’...the wait is over.

Bonus sections!Text Box: Learn about how to make and use herbs as:  poultices, extracts, dried herbs in capsules and so much more interesting information!!

Instructions for how to do blood purification, colon, liver, and chelation cleanses