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Real Beauty, Real Health

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A how-to guide for common skin, hair, nail, and teeth issues

170+ pages of….

· Scientific summaries of the details of how and why skin, hair, teeth and nails grow.

· Compiled lists of herbs, minerals, and vitamins and commercial brands eligible for use in successful treatment regimens.

· How to make your own remedy list specific to your body’s biochemical needs.

· Clarification of which OTC or herbal poultice will or will not help your skin, nails, or teeth topically and/or orally.

· What regimen is needed to lessen gray hair or re-grow your hair.

· Password for to support forum where any concerns or questions can be answered.

· And more!

Inside the e-book
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This e-book addresses your cosmetic needs including hair health and loss, nail health, skin health.   Skin health suggestions include remedies to rid the body of stretch marks, wrinkles, eczema, psoriasis, and viral infections.        Refund Details

Do you really understand the science behind acne break-outs?  What about what causes male pattern hair loss?  What if you could learn what it takes to stop both of those problems for you?  This book shows you how!  Acne, wrinkles, dermatitis, and hair loss are all skin reactions due to other underlying symptoms.   Chocolate may not be the trigger that sets things off for your acne condition- it could really be too many starches before bed, it could be hormones out of balance causing the skin to trap dirt and shedding skin before it’s able to be sloughed off. The latter is common with birth control for women, and more diet related for men.  Learn EXACTLY what the problem is for you- even find out if the commercial brands ProActiv, Murad and many others are really your best option.

Don’t know if  Stri-Vectin, Renaissance cream, Striae, or Stramaxil and many others are worth the money for the stretch marks in your skin?  Do you wonder if you can ever regain the looks you had before significant weight loss, significant muscle gain, or the birth of your child?  This book tells you how to know this too!

How about if you are always getting yeast infections, did you know it’s also related to the same fungal bacteria responsible for athlete's foot and that a simple poultice and/or immune boosting routine could put those days behind you?  You can literally count the days until ‘freedom’.


Introducing ‘Real Beauty, Real Health’- the first book of its kind to spell out the herbal solutions for many skin, hair, teeth, and nail maladies.  Its techniques center around the development of the user’s ‘Pure Intuition’.  The same thing you feel when the heckles of your skin are raised when you know there’s a dangerous situation at hand, your ‘Pure Intuition’ can be used to detect these heckles at 100’s of thousands of times reduced in magnitude- down to the very needs of the cells of your body.  For this reason, you need a ‘tool’ of sorts to enable to see this kind of minute indication.  It’s similar to what a regular compass allows us to do to with navigation- detect the slight magnetization of the Earth to know where North vs. South is for example.  Thus with the right tool, we can detect our own energy “biofields” levels, the individual patterns of electrical and magnetic energy that run through our bodies, to know what direction to take for the best tangible solution to achieve optimal health or happiness.  This vital energy or life force is known under different names in different cultures, such as Qi in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ki in the Japanese Kampo system and homeopathic resonance in Western Medicine. The ‘how-to’ method for actually reading the fields is known in this series as the ‘p-method’ because it utilizes homemade pendulums; it’s simply the age-old practice of dowsing. 


The e-Book ‘Real Beauty, Real Health’ contains in specific how to get in touch with your Pure Intuition; how to effectively read your “biofields” to definitively select the correct herbs, minerals, vitamins, and even direction on OTC pharmaceuticals which can be used with the least amount of side effects to fix your hair, skin, nails, and teeth issues.  Also detailed inside are the latest scientific summaries all the layers that make that organ what it is in the human body and how it works.  Additionally included are common ailments associated with each organ type and its related symptoms for common diseases.


















Knowing which ailment you have, doesn’t offer the immediate solution or the root cause of the problem.  After the p-method technique is learned, it’s still hard for beginners and experienced dowsers to know without trial and error what kinds of herbs to use or the correct phrasing to provide the answer being sought.  This is where ‘Real Beauty, Real Health’ is especially helpful.  And yes, it is all contained inside.


Using the p-method, one user with Herpes Simplex I (genital herpes) developed a regimen and 2 months later had stopped the outbreaks.  In 7 months, he fully eradicated the virus from his system.  This was verified with a doctor’s visits and tests which could no longer detect the virus.  His process was topical application of virus-killing agent and increased vitamin intake, and a small diet modification.  Another took 10 minutes to learn the root of pesky acne break-outs.  A simple reduction in refined sugar products was what it took for her.  Per current research indications, she would have had to cut out chocolates, starches, and many of her food loves.  For those break-outs still had, she could effectively treat them to go away in 1-2 days without scarring.  Now she has reduced the cause, and has had a significant decrease in further problems.  Yet another person, a mom, got indications for help in abetting her son’s hair loss.  She gave him the appropriate dosages of saw palmetto and other items, within a week, his steady hair loss stopped.  The stories go on and on.


With a free support forum and 24hr support, ‘Real Beauty, Real Health’ offers the best enabling solution for those truly seeking the most side-effect free, budget-conscious solution for REAL beauty.



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This book is very interesting because not only does it give the solution, but it gives the means whereby one arrives at this solution. I have been having a lot of problems with my hair for the last year, and now equipped with this new information, I understand the hair growth process and all hindrances to that growth could cause potential problems with balding, abnormal itching, etc. The explanations are clear and straight forward. I would recommend this e-book to anyone that is searching for a REAL solution and has yet to find it! :)



just have to say, "WOW"!!! I love all of the information that this book covers, from the why we may experience certain issues to how we can remedy them!!! I know I will be able to use this information to better my skin for sure... and that's just the start. Thanks for a "body" manual!!! LOVE IT!!!


A 'healthy' discussion about natural beauty alternatives

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